Interactive sculptures for the 1994 spring art festival, in Raleigh, NC, Artsplosure by Joseph Huberman, Treklite Inc..  Metamorphosis, the three parts
Caterpillar suspended on elastic cords.  Kids crawling through, make it undulate and appear to walk Catapiller
Chrysalis beckoning the children crawling out of the caterpillar. They enter, and inside is someone to help them make a butterfly finger puppet.  Upon emerging the young butterfly spreads her wings to dry on a table while her creator decorates her wings. Chryssallis
Butterfly is resting gently in the park among the trees.  She is large, no huge. Her wings, 40 feet across, are shining in the sun. A group of people are standing to one side, and suddenly, a young girl, emerging from the chrysalis, pulls on some ropes, and unbelievably, Butterfly begins to flap her wings. 40 foot articulated butterfly

Butterfly has a rope network that defines the shape and pattern of her wings. These lines and pulleys allow people to flap her  wings by pulling and releasing a rope.