The Treklite Rain-Bo-Loon Room

Produced for Artsplosure 1998

Arches are bristling with colorful balloons suggesting rainbows, real rainbows hide, elusive in the mist make up this sculpture.  People running and playing around acting loony define the Rainbow-Loon Room, and people standing with their faces to the cooling mist define the Rain Balloon Room.  Together they give the Rain-Bo-Loon a purpose. Rain-Bo-Loon-1.jpg (120010 bytes)
The early-birds at the festival assisted in attaching more than 1000 balloons.  When they were done the mist nozzles were turned on, and the dancing and cavorting began. Rain-Bo-Loon-3.jpg (107458 bytes)
As the temperature reached 90 degrees the Rain-Bo-Loon Room became the most popular place to visit.  If you walked through you got cool, but if you dared to stop, you got drenched -- the kids all stopped... and played and played and played. Rain-Bo-Loon-2.jpg (117185 bytes)