Sculpture creates it's own environment...

...Tubular Expressions

A colossal sculptural environment by Joseph Huberman

Imagine a space station floating in space, transparent, flexible, nudged by the solar winds... No, an underwater living space rocked by the currents... or maybe a new archeological discovery! Tubular Expressions
A 30 foot high entrance pyramid (tetrahedron actually) is joined, using 8 foot diameter tubes,  to another 30 foot tetrahedron, and then to a 40 foot tetrahedron standing monstrously in the park. Thirty foot entrance pyramid
The indestructible super high tech film capable of taking your imagination throughout the universe is .00000002 X 10 5 polyethylene and the surface is unimaginable. A mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and a secret formula of hydrocarbons will be pressurized to support the structure (to avoid atmospheric disturbances we will check with the national weather bureau in advance). You  are encouraged to explore the tunnels and sit in the very center of the tetrahedron, you may travel anywhere your imagination will take you in this sculptural environment. Inside the Tube
At the end of the weekend, after 15,000 people experienced the journey, the deflated tetrahedrons lie in wait. Deflated tetrahedrons