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        An Inflated, Dynamic, Internally Illuminated Mobile Sculpture

        An Interlocking Giant Interactive Bouncing Floating Toy

Mobile Sculpture:  

This sculpture is made of inflated pieces taken from the "all kinds of minds" logo.  Each piece is like a thick air mattress, made of nylon and airbrushed with your logo.  The baffles that keep the piece from inflating into a round pillow will follow the outlines of the children, so each child's face will be in relief.  A florescent light is mounted inside so they will glow beautifully in the air.  They are dynamic and can move with the breeze.  In a stage setting they could be kept in motion with a small fan.

Because they are made as separate components they can be shown in a variety of ways.  If a particular venue doesn't lend itself to a large dynamic mobile, then pieces can be hung individually from a wall or in a booth.

The components of this sculpture are made of nylon and inflated and illuminated from within.  They can be built to  any size, I imagine the pieces to each be about five or six feet across.  They would be hung from their supporting poles by their cords, and when they were being stored or transported would be compact and light weight.  I estimate that the total weight would be less than 25 pounds and fit in a 3' X 2' X 1' box.  While I describe them as inflated, they are not blown up and sealed like a balloon.  Each piece has a small quiet fan (like in the back of a computer) that keeps it inflated.  This keeps it from overheating from the lights and allows for access to inside to change bulbs.  It also means that a small hole won't ruin the piece, and there is minimal chance that it will go limp when on display.

Interactive Giant Toy

A set of inflated pieces are hung in such a way that kids, when cooperating with each other, can snap them together, and then bounce them apart. This sculpture is similar to the "Floating Solids" piece that I did,  but now the pieces will interlock.