Torus! Torus! at Moore Square

Torus! Torus!

Torus Torus is the next step beyond Tubular Expressions. Here instead of the stately pyramids, there is Torus Torus: three interlocking 28' doughnuts made out of polyethylene film, inflated with air, and suspended just enough to hold them in their skewed position. With eight foot diameter tubes there is room to walk under and around them as an ant would walk through the spaces in a pile of sticks. They may be colored, they may be clear. I might even be able to coax shiny flakes to swirl through the tubes.

Using polyethylene film for the skin I will weld sections together to form the shapes. I will use three blowers to keep pressure in them, and I will use an overhead rope with lines hanging from it to support the tops of the doughnuts and to keep them from blowing over. I will hold the bottoms in place with sandbags.


Cost of project:  
Materials $400
Labor $1600
Total $2000
Staff (if not provided by Artsplosure) $400

Artsplosure provides:

This budget includes design, materials, construction, prototyping, testing, installation, and removal.   Supervision at the event will be provided by Artsplosure.  I will need two volunteers to supervise everyone's exploration of the sculpture.