Resume for Joseph Huberman

Joseph at work

August 25, 2009

Joseph Huberman
904 Dorothea Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone ----- (919)828-6068
E-mail ----


Education & Employment

  1. 1977 to present: President of Treklite Inc., Raleigh, NC, producing large festival environment sculptures and manufacturing orienteering equipment.  In the past Treklite produced three dimensional climbing nets for children,  components for backyard playground equipment, recumbent bicycle cargo bags and fairings, covers and cases for electronic equipment as well as innovative designs for jackets, tents and sleeping bags..
  2. President of the Backwoods Orienteering Klub 1980 to present.
  3. 1975-77 Manager of Sleeping Bag production for Warmlite Inc. owned by Jack Stevenson, Gilford, NH.
  4. 1973-74 Teacher for Dade County Schools, Florida
  5. Graduated from Beloit College, Beloit Wisconsin 1972 BA - philosophy Cum laude

Festival Art Projects

  1. For the SAS 25th Anniversary Celebration I created and presented 4 SAS Puppets, a Thunderstorm Troupe consisitng of 2 Cloud Puppets, one with internal lightning, a Thunder Man, and a Rainbow with pots of gold (candy) at each end; lanterns and a world globe to decorate the catering tent and columns stage right and left; a stage set of inflated stars and the SAS puppets; 4 floating solids stretching 120 feet; 3 spray tents to cool people off; and the Balloon Room with a vortex of balloons for kids to interact with.  I hired and trained 29 people to present these sculptures to the guests.
  2. Created "Flames", a set of dynamic 15' to 30' tubes with random fire like motion for Exploris opening 1999
  3. Created "Floating Globe", a 9' diameter globe for people to bounce and interact with, hitting it up to 50' in the air for Exploris opening 1999.
  4. Created the four "Global Dancers", "Air", "Fire", "Water", and "Earth" collaborating with painter Laura Franktone.  These are 12' high puppets worn and operated by dancers.   Created for Exploris opening 1999.
  5. Created "Floating Solids" a collection of geometric shapes from five to fifteen feet on a side suspended in the air.  Kids bat and push them up then run under them as they float down.   Artsplosure 1999 and the Special Olympics World Games 99.
  6. Created "Tubular Expressions" a 40 by 150-foot air supported structure for Artsplosure 1996. Its 30 foot high entrance pyramid (tetrahedron actually) is joined, using 8 foot diameter tubes,  to another 30 foot tetrahedron, and then to a 40 foot tetrahedron standing monstrously in the park
  7. Created "Metamorphosis" for Artsplosure 1994. A 30 foot long caterpillar undulates under a tree -- kids crawling through it are responsible for its motion. After emerging the kids run into an 8 foot by 40 foot shimmering chrysalis. Inside it they fabricate a paper butterfly. Again they emerge, and there, resting gently in the park among the trees sits a huge butterfly. Its wings, nearly 50 feet across, are shining in the sun. Suddenly, unbelievably, (because of a child pulling on a rope) it begins to flap its wings.
  8. Created a "Twisted Plain" rope structure where kids wove ribbons into the structure for Artsplosure 1993.
  9. Created the "Urban Wind Star" kite debuting First Night 1992. It floats over the city plaza. Colorful nylon sails, tightly stretched over a framework of aluminum poles, form a huge faceted polyhedron in the sky. Tethered over the plaza it is free to swoop and glide between 50 and 250 feet over those on the ground. The large colorful star takes advantage of the wind swirling around skyscrapers. This form combines the precision of a sailboat, the beauty of a kite, the dynamics of a mobile, and the chaos of the wind in an urban corridor.
  10. Created a Tetra play yard for First Night 1991 with three tetrahedrons supporting rope and fabric climbing structures. Using 14-foot tetrahedral modules one structure stood 24 feet high and supported colorful wind-blown banners as well as three climbing nets.

Past Experience

  1. Member of the Pullen Park Master Plan Committee 2001
  2. Meet Director for two National and two National Championship Orienteering Events in North Carolina. Teaching orienteering since 1979 and producing IOF standard orienteering maps.
  3. Member of the Neuse River Regional Park Master Plan Committee 1996
  4. Member of the City of Raleigh Parks Board 1995-1996
  5. Member  of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wake County 1991-1996
  6. Chairperson of the United States Orienteering Federation Rules Committee 1980 - 1996
  7. Member of the Lake Johnson Master Plan committee in 1992
  8. Organized orienteering at the greenways for the Raleigh Greenway Festival 1992
  9. President of the Boylan Heights Association 1991 - 1993
  10. Co-Founder and product designer for MedCovers - producing covers and cases for the medical and electronic equipment 1985 - 1987
  11. Sailboat dinghy racing & sailboarding
  12. Designed and manufactured backpacking equipment. 1977 - 1980
  13. Bicycled across the country. Designed and manufactured bicycle equipment. 1972 - 1977
  14. Planned and led cave, desert, canyon and mountain exploration as well as technical rock climbing trips. 1968 - 1972
  15. Experience as pool manager , lifeguard, swimming teacher & camp councilor 1967 -1972
  16. Swimming Team, SCUBA diving 1965 - 1980

Sailing Resume

I have sailed all my life, and the skills that I bring are a sensitivity to sail setting, good helmsman’s capabilities, a desire to keep sails and course set precisely, and cooking skills.  I am 55 years old, athletically fit and in good health.  I have sailed in various dinghies, frequently in extreme conditions including surfing large breaking waves in Lasers and Flying Scots, as well as sitting motionless in Windmills, waiting for the elusive puff.  I raced Windmills for 15 years, and won the Middle Atlantic District Champs in 1989 at Oriental, North Carolina.  My blue water experience consists of  passages between the US Virgin Islands and the Middle Atlantic US coast as well as along the Eastern Seaboard and Pacific NW .  I have bareboat chartered for many years in the Caribbean, Alaska, Maine and Australia. 

  1. 1959-61: Elementary School: Crewed on a Flying Scot owned by Joseph B. White. We sailed most weekends with my father and Joe White in all winds 0 - 30 Knots.
  2. 1960: for one week we sailed the Flying Scot down through the Florida Keys in winds 0-15 knots camping on shore at night.
  3. 1965, September 7: Sailed the Flying Scot to safe harbor before Hurricane Betsy. Winds 25-45 knots
  4. 1965 - 1968: High School: During high school I maintained the Flying Scot for Joe White and sailed in all wind conditions 0-30 in Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach Florida. During that time I bought an old homebuilt Snipe-like boat and my friend Randy Sheffman bought a cheap catamaran. We modified and repaired these boats and sailed whenever the winds were over 15 knots. We frequently took the boats out through Government Cut to sail in the large surf. We mostly sailed in Biscayne Bay between Coconut Grove and Haulover Inlet. The catamaran finally came apart one day in 30 knot winds and we were rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. Other activities included SCUBA diving and swim team.
  5. 1968-72 College: Took Sailing classes and managed the Beloit College boathouse.
  6. 1970 Jan - April: I worked as boson on the Mystic Whaler, an 85-foot gaff rigged schooner. With Dave Irdell, the captain, a first mate, and two galley crew we took groups on week-long cruses around the Virgin Islands. Among other things, my duties were to raise, lower, and trim the sails, set and retrieve the anchor, throw the lead-line and con the ship through shallow waters as well as help clean and maintain the boat. I stood watch under both power and sail, instructed passengers on sailing the boat and ferried them to shore using both a six-passenger rowboat and a 12 passenger diesel launch .
  7. 1970 April: Crewed on passage of Mystic Whaler from St. Thomas VI to Mystic Connecticut. About half the time we were under power, half the time sailing. Winds 5 - 20 knots. As watch captain I stood both day and night watches. I assisted with celestial navigation, and took daily noon sights.
  8. 1983: Purchased Windmill 3026 and raced it regularly in club races and invitational regattas in the Middle Atlantic United States until 1992. Won the Middle Atlantic District Champs in 1989 at Oriental, North Carolina.
  9. 1988: Purchased a Laser and sailed it as well as the Windmill regularly at Kerr and Jordan Lakes in North Carolina, and annually in Biscayne Bay, Miami Florida. Winds 5 - 25 knots.
  10. 1990 - 1996: Purchased a Mistral Superlight Sailboard and sailed it regularly at Jordan Lake in North Carolina and occasionally in Biscayne Bay, Miami Florida. Winds 5 - 20 knots.
  11. 1990 - 1995 Every year in late December I sailed and crewed my friend Mary Hartley's Intrepid 32 in southern Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean off Miami Florida in various conditions. Winds 5 - 25 knots.
  12. 1990, December 31: From 8 PM to 2:00 AM the next morning we motored the Intrepid 32 through a very crowded anchorage and anchored to view the fireworks on Biscayne Bay off Bayfront Park in Miami Florida.
  13. 1998, November 16-20: Completed US Sailing class "Basic Keelboat", "Basic Cruising", and "Bareboat Charter" with instructor Richard Matthews, owner of Adventures Etc. on a J-24 and a Beneteau 32 at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina. Conditions ranged from sunny to storms sometimes with very limited visibility. Winds from 5 - 25 kts.
  14. 1999, March 4 - 11: Captain of Lor-e-lei a 35' Beneteau, Moorings 352 Bareboat Charter from Moorings in the Bahamas at Marsh Harbour. Sailed about 250 Nm in and around the Sea of Abaco in winds from 15 - 25 kts.
  15. 1999, May 8 - 11: Crewed on Pursuit, a 38' racing sloop from Norfolk VA to Charleston SC non-stop in the Atlantic. Conditions ranged from 5 - 20 kts. with seas from 6' to calm.
  16. 1999, June 9 - 23: Captain of Le Beftek a 42' Gulfstar Sloop Bareboat Charter from Conch Charter in Tortola, BVI. Conditions ranged from 15 kts. To a squall with winds of 45 kts.
  17. 1999, July 28 - Aug 1: Assisted Andy Sumberg in bringing his Catalina 320 from Plymouth MA to Westport MA and sailed around in the area. Conditions ranged from 10 kts. to 25 kts. including an hour of fog, navigating with radar.
  18. 1999, September 22 - 26: Again with Andy from Westport harbor to Block Island, Pt. Judith, up into Narragansett Bay and back to Westport, sailing about 5 - 8 hours a day in winds up to 30 kts and seas to 7 feet.
  19. 1999, November 3 – 13: Crewed on “Windwalker” a Valiant 40 with Fred and Iris Scheibl 1300 miles direct from Hampton VA, to Virgin Gorda, BVI.  Winds ranged from 10 kts to 34 kts and seas from 10 foot swells to 5 straight days of beating into 6 – 8 foot confused seas with two days of frequent squalls.
  20. 2000, January 19 - 26: Captain of Joie de Vivre a Beneteau 400 chartered from TMM in St. Vincent. We sailed in the Grenadines in winds ranging from 15 - 25 kts and seas from 6 to 8 feet.
  21. 2001, June: Captain of C&C 40 from Johanson Boatworks in Camden Maine. We sailed in winds from 0 - 25 kts. along the Maine coast and among the rocks, lobster pots and islands navigating in fog using radar and gps.
  22. 2001 December: Crewed on a delivery of a Hilas 54 from Beaufort NC to West Palm Beach Florida staying offshore just inside the Gulf Stream.
  23. 2002 April 15-25 Crew on Passport 44, Calypso Rose, from Norfolk VA to JostVanDyke BVI. 5 - 25 kt winds.
  24. 2002 June 19-25 Chartered Mary Lynn, a Hunter 32 from Abaco Bahamas Charters, for a week in the Abacos, Bahamas.
  25. 2002 July 2-15 Chartered Razamataz, a Beneteau 361 from Sailing Inc. in Seward Alaska and sailed in the fjords of the Kenai Peninsula.
  26. 2003 September - 2004 September worked building Prestissimo at Schooner Creek Boatyard in Portland OR
  27. 2004 August Chartered 52' sailboat in the San Juan Islands for 10 days
  28. 2004 October crewed on Rage, a 70' Wylie design from Seattle WA to Portland OR
  29. 2004 September 18 - October 4  Sailed Prestissimo on her sea trials from Portland OR down the Colombia River and up the Pacific coast to the San Juan islands and back to Portland.  Headwinds to 30 kts and 8' seas going north, and motoring for 2 days in a flat calm on the return trip.  Varied conditions in the San Juans including surfing some 5' swells at 13 kts. in about 25 kts of wind on the quarter.
  30. 2005 Summer - Sailed Prestissimo from Bath NC to Boston MA and back to Bath.  Sailed the ICW from Bath to Norfolk VA and Off shore to NYC, and then the Long Island Sound and Cape Cod Canal up to Boston and retraced the route back.
  31. 2006 Summer - Sailed Prestissimo from Bath NC to Cape Cod MA retracing the 2005 route, but then sailed south to Deltaville VA via the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay.
  32. 2007 Summer Sailed Prestissimo from Deltaville VA via the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River, offshore to NYC, Long Island sound to Cape Cod, and then offshore to Bar Harbor ME and then retraced our route back to Deltaville.
  33. 2008 April - Crewed on a 47' catamaran offshore from Beaufort NC to Georgetown SC.
  34. 2008 November - 2009 June Sailed Prestissimo from Deltaville VA down to Ft. Worth about half offshore and half in the ICW, then spent the winter in the Bahamas sailing from the Abacos to the Exhaumas and then back up the Eastern Seaboard both offshore and in the ICW to Washington NC.